Prints are not our favorite way to communicate, mostly because one single image rarely tells the whole story. We very much prefer books. But sometimes it's nice to own a piece of paper with a beautiful (or not so beautiful) image.

This edition is not limited. Each print is created at home by hand on 230 gm matte paper. It is 20x30 cm big with a 1 cm white border around the image. The prints are selling for 20 Euro each. 15 Euro goes to the artist and 5 Euro to Eigensinn.

We know that our price will make some photographers angry because you could argue that people like us are driving the prices of prints down. But so what? We believe that it’s much more fulfilling for both sides to give away 100 prints for 20 Euro rather than 20 prints for 100. Whatever. Have fun out there, fuck limited editions and be kind <3


Jule Wild
Asli Oezcelik
Maurice Collins
Ülgen Atakman
Josh Kern
Timo Edinger
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